In Loving Memory


You were such great companions, constant, loyal and true.
Our hearts will always wear, the paw prints left by you.



On the 28th March 2018, we had to make the very hard decision to let our sweet girl "Inca" cross over the bridge.....We knew this day was coming but it didn't make any easier to say goodbye to you, your mind was willing but your body was just to tired to stay with us any longer.


On the 20th February 2017 we lost our beautiful boy and our house feels empty without him, he was such a good dog and was and always will be my heart dog. Always in our hearts and never ever forgotten. ….sleep tight “Nero”



On the 20th December 2016 our world fell apart and we are both deeply sadden to share the news..... we had to make the decision to let our baby girl cross over the bridge today......thank you to those who have supported us today and we must say a massive thank you to her breeders Leah Coldham and Terry for not only helping us start our magical journey with the breed but for being supportive breeders to us.




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